11-20-16 The Very First Thanksgiving

11-06-16 One Nation Under God
09-25-16 The Fruit of the Spirit
09-11-16 Two Little Boys
09-04-16 Bible Quiz
08-28-16 Jesus Loves Me
08-21-16 Seasons of a Tree
07-31-16 When You Walk Through The Valley
07-17-16 Very Important Emergency Numbers
07-10-16 The Savior's Words
07-03-16 From The Pastor
06-26-16 What Makes A Dad
05-29-16 Flags In
05-22-16 From The Pastor
05-15-16 Why Would God Want Me
05-08-16 Honoring All Mothers
04-30-16 Inspiration
04-24-16 God's Promises For Tough Times
04-10-16 The Lord Is My Shepherd
04-03-16 An Ole Tree
03-27-16 Easter, What Does It Mean To You
03-20-16 The Events of Holy Week
03-16-16 The Carpenter's Tools
03-05-16 Sleeping Through The Storm
12-04-16 The Christmas Season
12-11-16 From The Pastor
01-15-17 Winter Time
01-22-17 When The Roll is Called
02-26-17 God's Embroidery
03-05-17 Two Amazing Short Stories
03-12-17 We Need To Return To the Cross
03-19-17 Planting Seeds
03-26-17 I Saw Him In Church
04-09-17 The Story of The Fern and Bamboo
04-16-17 Legend of the Dogwood
04-23-17 Take Time
04-30-17 Jesus, The Friend that Sticketh Closer
05-28-17 There Stands A Cross
Pastor Brinson
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06-04-17 A Light For God's House